The company

Founded in 1981, Miromont Management Inc, is a Montreal based company specialized in management of revenue buildings and co-propreties. We offer key in hand solutions for large scale buildings. For exemple, Miromont Management Inc, manage actually buildings that includes up to 20 floors and 300 appartements.

An experienced and dynamic team

The success of Miromont Management inc relay on its team of expert in buildings management who possessed various skills and complementary skills. In addition to members of his team, Miromont Management is known to surround himself with reliable and responsible external collaborators. Whether for maintenance, major and minor repairs of buildings, the purchase of various products, personnel management or legal representation of its clients, Miromont Management enjoys a recognized expertise and comprehensive expertise in its field. In fact, the company manages every buildings as if it was his.

Values that speak for itself

Miromont Management inc. has always focused on values ​​like transparency, honesty and excellence.

Transparency in its relationships with customers and partners, which helps smooth business relations and a climate of trust and cooperation prevail throughout the term. Honesty, not only in its management, but also in its relations with its customers and its employees. Excellence in the quality of its services. The team always focuses its efforts to obtain the best performance possible, regardless of the situation or the type of building to manage.

A leader in its field, Miromont has extensive knowledge of his environment and is abreast of developments to improve building performance and reduce operating costs. It uses the latest computer tools technologies in order to ensure effective management of the buildings entrusted to him.